Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tips and Tidbits-Wall Decor

Walls aren't just for pictures!!! One thing I love to do to spruce up the house is to change it up a bit with wall hangings. Yes, I love pics of my kiddo's and family around (in fact I have an entire wall dedicated to pics of the kids!) and I do have some great coordinating prints hanging in some rooms of the house. But changing it up really leads to an eclectic and eye-pleasing mix!

A few examples? If your artsy (like me), hang some of your own art work up (even if it doesn't match your furniture)! It's YOUR work and that makes it special and a real conversation piece. Have an awesome old rug? Try it on the wall as a tapestry piece.

Here is a pic of my own art above our couch.
How about something a little out of the ordinary? I have keys, dried flowers, crosses, metal and wood plaques, and more in my house. And company ALWAYS comment on the diversity...give it a try!

Just about anything can be used if hung and supported properly. My grand-mother had a large piece of drift wood she had found hanging in her living room for years.

Happy Decorating!!


  1. I love the middle artwork piece. looks like an escher!

  2. Thanks...I need to take a close up of it and post. Thanks for the idea!


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