Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tips and Tidbits-Thrift Store Treasures!

I LOVE thrift store fact, nearly 80% of my household decor is either a thrift store or yard sale find. An eclectic style has always appealed to me and I love finding fabulous pieces from a variety of sources. To me, each piece in my home tells a story of where it came from and who appreciated it before me? Whether it came from a second hand store, an estate sale or even from my mothers house. It all comes together for a homey look and feel.

Here are some great finds:
A piano bench my mother bought for me as a home-warming gift for my first apartment! She bought it for $10 at our local CCA. It is covered with the cutest 1960's butterfly print wall paper and has stayed with me through the years.

Antique gate keys my mom and I found on a trip to Canton. I thought they looked nice siding a drawing I did in college.

I found this clay vase at a thrift store in Arlington. It appears hand made and fired and has the neatest impressions of leaves on it...and I bought it for $2.

Keep an eye out the next time you see a garage sale or pass a thrift store! You never know what you'll find! Happy Shopping!


  1. dude, this made me miss you!!! I collect lots of stuff from thrift stores and yard sales too, but just wish they were more prevalent in Japan. when I come back to the States, we need to go bargain-hunting! ;)

  2. Just reading through some of your older posts, and I am so with you on the thrift store/yard sale/etc finds! I looove them!! That is such a cute bench btw.


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