Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sorry I've been awal folks...a lot to tend to right now and I'll be honest. Appleseed is going to have to take a break for awhile.

Not much money in jewelry making right now, so I think I'll pick it back up around Christmas time when things get a bit I might not be around as much over here.


Feel free to visit over at SSB! I've had a huge following over there for awhile and will be keeping up posts for sure.
Just can't juggle all things at once :( Between 2 jobs, 2 kids, blah blah blah...momma's a busy girl.

But I did wanna share some paintings I've done've seen some before here.

Here is Funky Pansey...
Read about it here.

Here is Crazy Cow...
Read abut it here.

Here is Red Poppies...
Read about it here.


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Easy Drawstring Bag

So, I've been wanting to try making a few bags (see my first here) and I've been having a lot of fun with it!
I saw this tut linked up to Mad Skills Monday once and thought I try it with hopes of making a make up is how it turned out!

I followed the same tut but made a few changes.

I used 2 coordinating fabrics (one for the outside and one for the liner) to make the bag a little sturdier.

I also changed the dimensions to 8x12...makes the opening a little wider and easier to get into.

These would make a great quick gift for a lucky lady! Hope you like it!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mine for the Making

So I think we all know I'm addicted to the Dollar Tree and for those of you who may not know this, see here.

Anyhoo, I discovered Mine for the Making today and was immediately excited!!!
Dollar Tree goodness!

Great idea huh?
Read the post and see how she did it!

Post a comment with your fav $1 store projects!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cross My Hooks

Sorry I've been AWAL folks...I had lost my camera for awhile...just reclaimed it! Woohoo!
I got some cool stuff to share with you in an upcoming post so be checking back for that!

Today, I wanna spotlight Cross My Hooks...a great little blog I discovered thru SSB's Mad Skills Monday.

Awesome blog!
She linked up this...
And this...

I just love the metal design and that pearl detailing? 2 die 4!
She has an Etsy shop but its under construction at the moment...bummer. But check back for that as well.

She has more to offer, so head on over and check her out! Don't forget to leave some comment love...

cross my hooks blog link

Be sure to tell her that Appleseed Gifts sent ya!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make Your Own Re-usable Swiffers!

So I shared this over at SSB awhile ago and recently thought...why in the world did I not post it over here too??? Blonde moment...

Here's Jack cleaning...he's so sweet!

So here it is...your very own, hand made re-usable swiffer pads. Better for the environment and your more pricey refills!!!

What you need:
micro-fiber rags (I got a 2 pack at the $1 store for..well, $1.)
sewing machine
swiffer broom for measurement reference
scissors, thread, etc.

Step 1: Get a measurement by using the swiffer broom.

The rags I bought were a perfect square! Yeah! So I just cut right down the middle.

Step 2: Sew up the raw edge in a zig zag.

Step 3: Repeat with your other rags and all done!

Four re-usable swiffer pads hand made by you!
Well done!

Look at my big boy!

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