Thursday, January 21, 2010

Journaling-Path to Peace?

Hi all,

I met with an amazing person today who brought up a subject that I have struggled with many times but had me consider the possibility of picking it up again. it a good stress reliever? Does it really solve anything? No, but perhaps it can put a few feelings into perspective. Perhaps help you understand your feelings better, if not just get them out of your heart and on paper.

I have made feeble attempts before at a journal and never stuck with it because I was too judgmental...this isn't any good, these thoughts are stupid...but I thought again. I'm not writing a book here or anything.

This nice lady made some real points to me that I never thought of...write down thoughts only, not sentences. Write down my mood, not what had happened to create that mood. Pray on those writings one at a time instead of all at once. Somehow, this process seems easier. Perhaps a journal can be a path to peace.

Thanks again know who you are!

For any who are interested in a journal but not sure where to start (like me), click here to see a resource I found that may help.

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