Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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"Stay at Home" Life Commentary

Hi all,

After the birth of my second child, my husband and I decided that I should stay home with our two boys. As we all know, staying at home presents a real financial issue for many families. Can't afford the daycare...can't live without the pay check...etc. My husband and I faced this ourselves and many changes had to be made in order to balance everything out.

I really wanted to find a way to work at home. I researched for some time on work at home packages, evening jobs, and part time night jobs...but nothing panned out. I wanted to be home but also doing something I liked and something I was proud of.

I started researching stay at home mom owned business and was surprised that there is a whole market out there for quality hand/home-made products and that being at home with the kids was possible after all.

Staying at home is now my priority and working at home with the children is a blast. It is not an easy task; what with the constant interruptions, noise from toys and videos, and the ever-present, “Mommy, I want a drink!”. But I love my kiddo's and the crafts I make. Now I know that I can have both in my life! Many Blessings!

Appleseed Gifts

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Shopping at Appleseed Gifts

The jewelry is made with hand-crafted and molded glass beads, so no two beads are alike. This insures that your choices are completely unique and truly one of a kind. Select styles are acrylic. All hardware is silver-plated.

Appleseed Gifts accepts payments by Paypal or check only. If you wish to make a purchase via check, please email me at appleseedgifts@gmail.com with your item request. Purchases by check will be shipped after payment has been received and processed.

Happy Shopping!

Secret Garden Necklace and Earrings Set-$22.00
A beautiful new design with antiqued brass plated findings with green and brown glass beads. Features a multiple charm pendent and is paired with matching earrings.

A Lil Sunshine Bracelet-$6.00
A unique splash of oranges and yellows for summer!

Midnight in the Garden Bracelet-$6.00
A easy accent to compliment everything.

Golden Grove Bracelet-$6.00

Seaweed Green Necklace-$7.00
An assortment of oceanic blues and aquas! On an 18" black cord chain.

Raindrop Bracelet-$6.00
Necklace coming soon!

Metallic Black Linky Earrings-$4.50
Funky, linky earrings with metallic black glass beads.

Spring Green Bracelet-$6.00
Awesome spring colors! Fun and funky!

Icicle Earrings-$4.25
Super cute icy earrings to accent any outfit!

Deep Purple Bracelet-$6.00
A lucid collection of purples and golds!

Mellow Yellow Bracelet-$6.00
The perfect splash of sunshine!

Black Shadow Earrings-$3.75

Blue Shadow Earrings-$3.75

Red Letter Day Bracelet-$6.00
A funky group of reds and golds!

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