Friday, January 15, 2010

Support Haiti in their greatest time of need!!!

Hi all,

A dear friend of mine sent me a very valuable tool for helping Haiti in this crisis. I have been praying for some relief for the people of Haiti, not only for the existing harsh condition, but the insurmountable damage by the earthquake as well. Below is a portion of an email from Heather McCarty. Be sure to visit the link provided so we can do our part in helping a torn land become whole again. Below is a portion of her email with the link.

"...almost all of the relief groups in Haiti have to
give a large percentage of the donations they receive to the Haitian
government, and as a result very little money people send to these
organizations actually reaches the people in need. To avoid this
problem, the Haiti Fund has put itself under a local Presbyterian
church so that their funds and supplies aren't absconded. The Fund is
a permanent fixture in Haiti, but they are now putting most of their
money towards earthquake relief. Just thought I would pass along
their site to you in case you are interested in long-term aid and also
in helping with the current crisis.

I know it's sometimes difficult to find organizations that are both
honest and effective with their donations:"

A special thanks to Heather and Michael McCarty for handing us a great donation tool!

Thank you,

Ginger Cochran
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