Friday, April 2, 2010

Today, I'm showing you a cute denim flower pin I made out of scraps from the denim monster! Here's what you do...

Cut out some petals from scrap.

Thread your needle and start to sew the petals together at the bottom.

Keep sewing them into a fan-like pattern until you've sewn a little flower shape.

Pull the thread tight, sew the middle of the flower to keep it secure. Then add some beads.

Sew a cute cluster of beads and warm up your glue gun! Cut a small rectangle of scrap for the back of your pin.

Hot glue the pin to the back of the denim flower.

Add a little more glue and add the little rectangle of denim over the pin. Secure it tightly around the edges of the pin.

Let it dry...all done and ready for wearing!

Super cute and easy! Perfect little accent for springtime!

Happy Easter!!!
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