Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tips and Tidbits-Super Sweet Nursery Decor

I love decorating!! Its one of my favorite things to do. So while pregnant with both of my children, I jumped at the chance to do something fun and unique while still remaining practical and not going overboard (which is what I did with my first). Well, doesn't everybody go coo-coo over the first?

Anyways, for my Sam, I wanted clean lines and simple colors to dazzle his room. Now, I don't sew (much to my regret) so I picked out a great style from BRU and designed around that.

Simple shapes of cars, trucks, and airplanes offer a cute boyish environment. I wanted something that went well with the fabric for the walls, so I painted my own canvas displays. The final piece turned out lovely and all my friends quickly requested some of their own!

All you need is canvas board (you can get a pack of 3 for less than $5 at Walmart), craft paint and brushes, ribbon (optional, but looks fab) and glue gun to hang it with.

Draw and cut out a pattern to trace onto the canvas (or free hand) and then paint! Let dry and hot glue ribbon to the back to hang by. Eezy peezy and so cute!

Then my mother (who is a fabulous sewer) found an awesome fabric for custom curtains! Now my little Sam has the sweetest nursery around! Happy Crafting!

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  1. That is very cute! What good ideas. It's simple, and looks great. I'll have to remember this for when I have kids


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