Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home Life Commentary Debut!

Hi all,

Today is the official start of my Home Life Commentary. This is something that is important to me because before I became a stay at home mom, I was working full-time, had few friends that were stay at home moms, and honestly didn't know how I was going to survive it.

I decided to dive into it head on, and found that staying at home with my children was something I never knew that I had always dreamed of...if that makes sense! LOL! I had to make some strong decisions about myself, such as forcing myself to be more independent. I had never realized how much I depended on a work environment (especially since I was so keen to leave it everyday at 5pm).

Secondly, I needed to meet people! An idle schedule makes for cranky kiddo's and a cranky mommy. And being self-conscience, this was no easy task. But my husband and I had recently joined a home group through our church...we made an effort to engage in more social activities with our group members. I began researching for a Mom Group in my area and eventually began my own..its small but full of mommies like me.

Thirdly, I began to be even more involved at my church; volunteering, attending a women's ministry and recently even began a part time job in the children's ministry. Through these programs, I have been more involved in charity work, such as sponsoring some ladies from a women's shelter along with my usual donations for toy drives and food drives during the holidays.

Stay at home life has been more rewarding than many of my past experiences. Any other women who are facing this transition, take heart. It will be rewarding for you as well. My advice is to research other stay at home moms in your area either through mom groups or through church and relish your new time with your children.

I will continue on this subject more next week, so until then...Many Blessings!

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  1. Thanks for sharing & welcome to the world of blogging!! :)


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