Monday, June 14, 2010

Ready for Summer Lime

So I'm finally getting around to posting about the little painting I did...I mentioned it here for Mad Skills Monday.

Boy, it felt so good to be painting again! I may have to do a few more...just for fun!

Here are a few close ups...

It's just a small painting on 8.5x11 canvas paper (you can get a pad of this stuff for just a few bucks at the craft store), but it packs a punch at my office! I took it to work to hang on the wall near my desk! Everyone loves it!

Here are a few others I did about a year ago.

"In the Beginning"

"The Thorn Bush of Burl Forsythe"

...a tribute to my grandfather, a victim of pancreatic cancer.

Hope you enjoyed! Step out and paint something today!


  1. Those are awesome! great job. I've always loved drawing and painting. I'm better at drawing, but I wish I could paint better. Oh well, I can enjoy other peoples work :-) Happy monday!


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