Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make Your Own Re-usable Swiffers!

So I shared this over at SSB awhile ago and recently thought...why in the world did I not post it over here too??? Blonde moment...

Here's Jack cleaning...he's so sweet!

So here it is...your very own, hand made re-usable swiffer pads. Better for the environment and your more pricey refills!!!

What you need:
micro-fiber rags (I got a 2 pack at the $1 store for..well, $1.)
sewing machine
swiffer broom for measurement reference
scissors, thread, etc.

Step 1: Get a measurement by using the swiffer broom.

The rags I bought were a perfect square! Yeah! So I just cut right down the middle.

Step 2: Sew up the raw edge in a zig zag.

Step 3: Repeat with your other rags and all done!

Four re-usable swiffer pads hand made by you!
Well done!

Look at my big boy!

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