Friday, May 28, 2010

Gigi's Kidz Daycare

Okay, maybe I'm featuring myself. But this is a good one.

So in an effort to raise my household income, to keep my kids out of daycare (and not sick), and to have some fun...I have re-opened my in home daycare center.

Gigi's Kidz in open for biz and ready for some of you who may live my area. Please check it out below!


And not...a blog? You bet! What better way to keep my kiddo's parents informed of their daily activities! (plus, I'm good at it)

Lend me some prayers as I strike out on this new, yet familiar adventure!

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  1. A daycare blog... what a good idea!! My sister owns a preschool/daycare, and I help her out a couple days a week; they are always saying and doing THE funniest things. What better way to keep track than to blog! Good luck in your new venture!

  2. I've been doing daycare for 18 years. Wish I knew how to blog, I only read other peoples' stuff.


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